Your preferred saving and investment app, Ziing has been updated with fingerprint login authentication feature to grant easy access and enhance user-experience on the platform.

The fingerprint login authentication allows you quick and easy access to your account and the array of products. This is literally digital banking at your fingertips.

Along with the new fingerprint authentication, the new Ziing app now appears a lot cooler with its awesome new look. There’s also a new interface that is faster, guarantees smoother navigation and reduces clutter on the page. It is a whole new experience.

Other features that has been improved on the new Ziing app include the following:

Easier Onboarding: Existing Investment One clients can now seamlessly signup on Ziing. Simplified and improved process.
Setting up Goals (zPlan): Additional features that include an estimate of how much to be contributed periodically. An estimate of expected interest is also displayed.
zSave Transfers: Ability to save beneficiaries when using this option. Users will no longer need to copy and paste or remember emails or phone numbers of individuals they have transacted with.
Security Pin Revamp: Improved process regarding setting and resetting security details on Ziing.
App Speed: Improvements on speed, loading times and time on tasks.
Stockbroking: Ability to trade stocks with funds in your zSave or directly from your bank account.
Biometric Login: Improved security with biometric (Fingerprint or Face) option. This option is activated at initial password login after update of the app.
To access the new Ziing app user interface and features, update your app on Google Playstore for Android users and Apple App store for the IOS version.

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