Surviving the Pandemic: Your Health, Security and Financial Well Being

As the world grapples with the COVID 19 pandemic, new lifestyles need to be adopted to stay healthy and secure. In the battle to conquer the pandemic, a new order is emerging in many facets of our lives revolving around personal hygiene, financial and business considerations as well as security concerns brought about by the lockdown and restriction of movement by the government.

In view of these challenges, we have listed a few tips to stay safe from the threats of Covid-19 concerning our health, financial well-being and the security of our lives and family.

• Wash your hands with soap and water regularly

• Cover your nose and mouth with the crook of your elbow when you cough or sneeze

• Clean and disinfect objects, devices and surface regularly touched

• Eat well washed fruits and well cooked food

• Avoid going out unless extremely necessary. This will help break the chain of the spread of the disease and fast track the return to normalcy

• Stay active – exercise, read books, study free online courses, learn a new skill etc.

• Do not be enticed by online offers of relief or palliatives. Avoid clicking on websites or responding to prompts and calls that request for your financial details

• Ensure that your doors, windows and gates are properly locked to prevent burglars

• Have the call lines of security agents that you may need in case of any emergency

• This is the time to spend less and save more

• Speak with a financial adviser like Investment One Financial Services on ways to save more

Please follow these tips to stay safe while we wait for the silver lining at the end of this pandemic.

Best regards.

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