Physical Working Mode vs Remote Working Mode: Which works better for you?

One of the most interesting and controversial topics in the work-space that has created lots of debates over the years among employers and business owners is the transformation from physical to remote working.

As technology keeps advancing, its effects continue to spread globally across all spectrums of business operations. Recently, remote working went on an upward spiral across the globe with the unannounced emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this part of the world -Nigeria, remote working is gradually improving, with most of them found among IT companies, Digital Marketers (Social Media managers) etc. Since the advent of digital technology, Nigeria has never experienced this level of digital transformational shift in her history of development.

In fact, several businesses that have been shying away from going digital were left with no choice than to move with the Work from Home revolution occasioned by the pandemic.

One good advantage of remote working is the ability to work from anywhere -with or without a laptop. These days, you only need a smartphone and a strong internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Also, another strong point for remote working is that employees don’t have to face traffic and other related stress. The thought of having more time to do other things like physical exercise (work out sessions), online courses or other things is quite appealing as well.

However, the downside is that you won’t be entirely free. There usually are a few distractions that come with remote working; spending too much time on social media, phone calls and the likes.

People who engage in remote working actually work more and are more productive than those who prefer traditional or physical working and also encourages flexibility with less office-space distractions.

However, to get a stable work-life balance can be difficult, because in the office closing time is set. But at home, save the digital distractions, work can find you any time, thereby subtly robbing you of quality time.

Whichever side of the divide you fall under, you are the only one who knows which mode works more for you when activated. Which of the 2 modes would you choose in terms of productivity and why?

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