Lockdown Persona

Several years back, the term “Vision 2020” held a form of different life-changing expectations and promise for different entities across the globe. However, when 2020 came, it brought with it a surprise package -a deadly strain of the Coronavirus called COVID-19, which birthed unexpected realities.

A few months into the new year, the Coronavirus became a pandemic that necessitated a lockdown protocol and other restrictions by health and government institutions worldwide to curtail its spread.

The development revealed a series of interesting shifts in people’s behaviours globally in reaction to the lockdown. With multitudes of plans put on hold indefinitely, people automatically readjusted to the new normal created by the virus. Let’s look at some of them.

1. The Foodies: This set really locked down enough food for different reasons. In the end, their wonderful eating hobbies let their bodies and souls run out of check.

2. Work(aholics) from home: These were the ones who didn’t know when to turn off their laptops and call it a day. To them, “Whatever Corona locks down, work it back up.” Meaning whatever it requires, just do it well.

3. Sleepy heads: Although, they never missed a two-hour nap daily, but their eyes always felt heavy. Anyways, the lockdown gave them more opportunities for the much-needed sleep.

4. Tik-Tok Geng: The app that had 315 million downloads between January and March, became the go-to platform for fun lovers/seekers across different age-grades during the lockdown. I’m sure you were either one of them or know someone who did.

5. The Prayer Worriers: those whose decree was to fight Coronavirus with prayers but worried that the House of Worships were closed. Things are changing soon.

6. Essential Stock Traders: Not your usual stock market traders, but they traded their monies to stock up on foods and other essentials for the lockdown. Raise your hand if you did.

7. The Lockdown Investors: Despite the uncertainties that surrounded the financial markets during the lockdown, some people actually made good returns in their investments. Because they simply couldn’t stop checking their Ziing app to see which stocks were doing well during the lockdown. Cool moves.

8. Overnight Thought Leaders: Suddenly, this set became experts in their respective fields; hosting online classes. Enough experience or not, they did it anyway.

9. The Health-(un)conscious: These are the ones who used the lockdown to “work out” their cravings for food to stay fit; and those who actually gave in to their cravings. Either way, they both recorded losses and gains respectively -in weights.

10. Self-developers: These are the ones who made some of the best use of the lockdown to develop their skills, by actually locking down some online courses they’ve not had time for. Well done.

Coping with the lockdown was definitely not an easy ride for a lot of people. But the reality is that we all did something with it. So how did you spend your lockdown?

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