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Fashion Trends will come and go, but there are the items that will loyally serve you year after year and we suggest that you invest in them without robbing the bank:

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is the workhorse of your wardrobe and every woman should one that flatters every inch of her body. The LBD can be worn anywhere from a work interview to a cocktail party effortlessly. It is important to get the best fit and style so the dress is indeed reliable. The trick to either dressing up or dressing down a little black dress is accessories. You can accessorize with a belt, a pair of strappy sandals or a flash clutch etc.

Slim Ankle-Length Pants

Slim ankle-length pants flex as much muscle as a suit when paired with a blazer, but the length reveals an alluring bit of anklebone that makes these trousers anything but stuffy. The classic design also goes well with different top styles, from tailored blouses to T-shirts and even a slouchy sweater. Plus, they’re made for “showing off shoes” like playful pumps, strappy sandals, and fab flats.

A Tailored Blazer

A tailored blazer looks polished at the office, but you can pair it with jeans for dinner out or a school conference. It’s not necessarily a suit piece, but can serve the same purpose if you build a closet around one neutral colour (e.g. navy, black, brown, gray) and everything will be interchangeable.

A White Shirt

A pastel shirt is one of those classics which will never go out of style. It can be versatile and help you ‘work the look’ in an office environment or even a night out with colleagues.

A Statement-Jewelry Piece

A statement jewelry piece like a chunky cocktail ring, glimmering bib necklace, or a classic timepiece is a “must-have” that will dress up any outfit and make you feel glamorous on the spot. It can be functional yet fashionable.

The Classic Blue Jeans

Blue jeans fit in with every season and every kind of outfit:they can also transit from casual

to formal effortlessly


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