Five  Million Naira with some extra is what Obinna Nsika will realize from the sale of his shares in Nestle, if he decides to sell all his holdings 21 years after they were bought. Interestingly, Obinna is just 21! 

Sometime in 1994 when Obinna was born, his parents decided that it was best to save funds for the little infant’s future. They started investing in shares on his behalf , thus making him a shareholder in Nestle Foods and did the same for his two other siblings.

In May, 2014, the Nsika’s went through a very turbulent time as the breadwinner of the family, Nduka Nsika was forcefully retired and suffered a stroke which almost claimed his life. A large chunk of his retirement benefits was spent to restore his good health, so much so, that Obinna who was in his final year of studying law wasn’t sure of completing his education. 

Then, Obinna came across the share certificates in his name while cleaning his father’s room. That marked the end of their troubles. Now, he is well on his way to achieving his goal of becoming a legal professional, thanks to his parent’s investment.


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