Have You Cleaned up Today?


The presence of this word in all aspects of our lives is hard to ignore. Every single productive activity creates some form of waste no matter how seemingly insignificant. Try as we may, we create waste every day, from sweat on our foreheads to skyscraper heaps of dirt and oceans overflowing with plastic. The message is clear, waste is here to stay, but for how long?

There is an air of confidence that physical waste carries, a swagger even, an in-your face disposition. It stares us head on as we desperately try to avoid eye contact while crossing the road and wrinkle our noses as our vehicles whizz past such sites, these constant reminders of health hazards and terminal diseases are the reason behind days like today. A World Cleanup Day. So how exactly did we get here and what are we missing?

We got here by ignoring the little steps of improper waste management and we’re on a similar path with another type of waste. One that’s not tangible, one that we don’t see, and don’t smell. A waste of time, money or a deadly combination of both. It starts with an extra hour in bed, a couple more purchases than originally intended and a subsequent normalization of such behavior. The idea of saving what is left after spending or not investing a little at a time are typical examples of how we waste time and money.

As we go about cleaning selected dumpsites and decluttering our environments, let’s remember to tackle waste all around. With automated savings, compounding investments and strict budgets, we’ll get there.


P.S. These toxic materials can cause terminal diseases that are ridiculously expensive to treat. We’re here to make sure that never happens, always try to keep your immediate environment clean and if in doubt about how to start cleaning up your finances, give us a call today.

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