High Net worth Individuals and Families

We render services to individuals and family owned businesses that intend on making investments and passing on the assets created to generations. This group of individuals should have some sizeable assets which they intend to grow, use, protect and transfer. Our Private Banking clients have dedicated relationship managers who provide priority customer service, ensuring safety of funds and competitive returns.


We proffer investment solutions to financial and non-financial institutions based locally and internationally. Our clients also include State and Federal Government parastatals, fund managers, cooperative societies and staff investment/welfare schemes; business networks and educational establishments.

Our value proposition is a true partnership towards achieving your financial goals,
We also:-

  • Aid focus on things that are actually important
  • Equip you to better maintain/ improve your standard of living
  • Reassure you that your money is working efficiently

We are committed to providing clients with tailored financial services to suit their unique goals. We dedicate time to understand your needs, weigh your risk appetite and offer distinct investment solutions.

We partner with you to reduce cost, minimize risk and ultimately optimize your wealth.

Please contact our private banking desk via privatebanking@investment-one.com

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