September is finally here, which means much to the delight (or dismay) of many parents, the school year is just around the corner. With the long holidays coming to a close, parents need to switch to the busy schedule of school related matters. A little guide can help make the transition seamless.

Here are a few back to school tips that would help get the school year off to a great start:

  • Save money on back-to-school shopping by asking your kids to first “shop the house” to find left over items that are required for resumption. When you do have to go shopping take advantage of sales prior to the start of the school year.
  • Set up bedtime and wake-up routines in advance; say two weeks prior to resumption as this would prompt the kids to switch from laid back holiday mode to work mode without missing a beat.
  • Get organized by carefully setting aside clothes and other essentials for getting your ward ready for school the next day the night before. You can also find a central spot, free from clutter so that you can find exactly what you need quickly.
  • Get breakfast ready; a healthy nutritious breakfast not only puts kids in the right mood for learning but leaves parents with a feeling of success that they managed to have their children eat well at the right time of day.
  • Keep lunch boxes filled with healthy alternatives for the kids to ensure that your children will have the energy and brainpower to make it through their school day.
  • Label all of your wards school belongings and also explain to them what needs to be done if any of the labelled items get missing.
  • Talk to your kids about what they are looking forward to upon resumption, bullying, as well as other concerns. By giving them a forum to express their concerns, you can help them work through any worries in advance of school resumption and clear up any issues that could lead to a bumpy start to the school year.
  • Get to establish a relationship with your ward’s teacher by being available at any meet-and-greet gatherings at the start of the school year. You can go a step further by connecting with the teacher a few minutes either before or after school.


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  1. I just read through these tips and found them helpful. Thanks for getting us prepared.

  2. This’s very informative.

  3. Thank you so much.
    The tips are helpful to me as a student

  4. Great insights

  5. Very nice and helpful
    thanks to investment one

  6. Very helpful tips. Nice1.
    Although I have a suggestion to make. It wld be nice if u guys can create a mini mkt within the establishment for only ur customers with investment to shop for back to school. Items like school backpack n lunch boxes, socks, writing pads n crayons n pencil and a few regular home items. Either to be paid immediately with discount or pay gradual as the benefit for having investment with the company. And you can regulate this benefit by making ones pay-later or instalment according to the percentage of one’s investment.
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