Investment and You

Ever heard the saying, ‘The early bird gets the first worm but the wisest bird gets the fastest one’. Once you learn how to maximize your time effectively, productive results are inevitable. Same applies to investing with the aim of generating income.

Let’s play a scenario:
Yusuf had a big grey donkey. He wanted to take it to the market. However, the donkey refused to follow him to the market. He tugged at the rope several times to no avail. ‘It must be hungry’ he thought to himself. He got some fresh hay from the barn and gave the donkey. It ate to it’s satisfaction. He let it rest for a while and tried to coax it to follow him to the market but it still remained adamant, Finally, he gave up and went back into his house very exhausted and frustrated.

Ahmad on the other hand got his donkey ready for the journey to the big market, mounted it and gave a signal for it to start moving. The donkey refused. He beamed at the thought of an idea. He took some fresh hay and bundled them with a strong rope, attached a very long stick to the rope which helped in securing the hay tightly. He then mounted the donkey thus dangling the hay in front of the donkey. The donkey began to eat the hay and he kept moving the hay forward. The donkey turned to eat the hay in any direction he put it and that was how the donkey ate its way into the market.

Both Yusuf and Ahmad had the same goals to accomplish, that is, to take their donkeys to the market. However, only one of them achieved that goal. Yusuf worked really hard to get his donkey to the market but didn’t succeed. Ahmad, on the other hand, worked smart and invested his time and idea which worked really well for him, enabling him to save time and energy.

In the same vein, don’t just venture into any type of investment (such as Ponzi schemes etc.) without doing proper research and knowing what your risk appetite is because at the end of the day, you should have a robust portfolio that will work for you when you retire.


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